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In the Press
In Your Room has received significant attention in the design media – television, magazines, newspapers, exhibitions. Below is a representative sample. PRESS FROM MORE RECENT YEARS SHOULD BE ADDED SOMETIME IN 2017.

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March-April 2010, Inside Out, pgs 94 and 96

Shortstop Child’s Stool in black and white


5 March 2009, Essential Home in S.M.H

Shortstop Child’s Table/2 Stools




December 2008, Real Living, pg. 104
Shortstop Child's Table used as coffee table



November 2008, Real Living, pg. 42
Y - Front Side Table, white and Shortstop Child's Stool, atlantic blue



December 2008, House & Garden, pg. 132
Shortstop Child's Table/ Stool


November 2008, Home Beautiful, pg. 58, Awards Finalist
Y-Front Side Table


Spring 2008, Insite, pg. 34
Y-Front Side Table, white


June/August 2008, The Green Magazine, pg.19
Y-Front Side Table, white


July 2008, Home Beautiful, pg.54,
Bench, white


June 7, 2008, Good Weekend/ Sydney Morning Herald,
Bench, red


June 2007, Notebook,
pg. 166
Shortstop Child's Table/ 2 Stools set - white table and flamingo stools


March 2007, Australian House & Garden, pg. 123
Temple Barstools, yellow Laminate


Autumn/Winter 2007, Shop 4 Kids, pgs 170-171, article on storage for kids Tablebox, white laminate


Issue 72, 2006, Monument, pg 92 , Maroubra Bay Beach Hotel/Indyk
Longrain Stools + Temple Tabletops, Abet laminati


September 2006, Home Beautiful, HB Kids feature,
Shortstop Child’s Table/2 Stools/Doubleseater Set


September 2006, Inside Out Lifestyle Issue, Spring/Summer Vol. 2,
“Ideas from Moriko Kira’s Amsterdam Apartment”
Bench – white, Magazine Rack – red, Shortstop Child’s Stool – pink


June 2006, Family Circle, pg. 95,
Shortstop Child’s Table/2 Stools Set, white/red combo


June 23 2004, Lifestyle Channel “Homes” TV show, series 4, presenter Brendan Moar interviewing Keryn Hughes/In Your Room


24 April 2004, Daily Telegraph/ ‘Homes’ magazine, “Two for the Show”,
article about Keryn Hughes + Kylie Rose McLean exhibiting at DesignEx.


22-24 April 2004, DesignEx Sydney - IYR exhibited in the ‘Hot House’ – invitation only for new/emerging designers, stand HH08


September 2003, Artichoke Vol 2, No. 4, Temple Barstool, Red laminate


June 2003, Inside Out, “Seat of Power”, article about Keryn Hughes/In Your Room


May, 2003, DesignEx Melbourne – IYR exhibited in the ‘Hot House’ – invitation only for new/emerging designers, stand HH4


Autumn 2003, Urbis, 4 page article about IYR furniture titled “Simple Lines”

Sept/Oct 2002, Fine Furnishings, International, US magazine,
Shortstop Child’s Table/2 Stools/Doubleseater Set


2002, Vol. 9, Indesign, article on Keryn Hughes/IYR called “Tree House”


February 2002, Australian International Furniture Fair, IYR invited to exhibit at Verve – showcasing innovative Australian design that enhances lifestyles.


December/January 2001-02, Interiors, Longrain Stool


1 December 2001, Longrain Restaurant – Launch of the Longrain Stool


16 September, 2001, episode of Our House aired on TV, presenter Reg Livermore interviewing Keryn Hughes/In Your Room


February/March 2001, belle, ‘Head Space’ article on Keryn Hughes/IYR


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