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The success of a website such as this owes much to its photography. In the information pages, wherever possible, the responsible photographer has been named. IYR is extremely grateful to those talented people as well as the architectural/design firms and Baillie Lodges who generously provided images of particular projects where IYR furniture has been used.
3 photographers deserve special mention for their significant contribution to the product pages on this site;

Geoff Sumner Photography – responsible for the crisp, deep etched images.
Tel: (02) 9326 5210

Hugh Thorpe – photographed the more styled pictures, including those with the children.

Nigel Noyes took the 2 amazing shots of In Your Room's studio showing on the 'About Us' and 'Contact' pages.
All IYR furniture is designed and manufactured to a high quality in Australia. We have the greatest regard for our manufacturing partners and are proud to be Australian-made.
IYR Studio

Keryn pays tribute to architects Peter Stutchbury and Sue Harper and builder Liam Flood of ‘To the Mil’ ( the design and construction of her purpose built studio in 1999. Perched at the rear of her garden, the studio is a joy to be in, treads softly on the environment, and is the perfect inspiration for a design-focused enterprise.
Soft Furnishings
For information on the beautiful reclaimed, new-fashioned blankets, cushions and dolls created by Kylie Rose McLean and appearing in several photographs on this website with IYR furniture, go to
Temple Barstool
This product, IYR's first foray into steel, is the result of a collaborative effort between Keryn Hughes of IYR, Sara King now of arp. in Hobart and Ben Blakeborough, who does amazing things with steel. The invaluable contribution of these people in bringing the Temple Barstool to IYR's stable of designs is gratefully acknowledged.

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